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Dynamic Risk Strategies are a leading provider of risk management solutions. We call on our vast knowledge and experience to produce in-depth, comprehensive reports delivered to clients in a timely manner following our consultation.

Our solutions allow clients to take decisions quickly and with confidence, with full consideration for impact on personnel, assets, operations and security. Dynamic Risk Strategies prides itself on making sure that your company remains compliant in every aspect from security to health & safety and fire risk.

Our services include

  • Risk Management Consultancy 
    Utilising ISO 31000 methodology, we design robust solutions to safeguard your businesses over the long-term through detailed analysis of current or potential threats. 
  • GDPR Consultancy
    Providing expert consultancy from our PECB accredited Data Protection Officer with GDPR to enable your organisation to meet its GDPR requirements and maintain compliance. 
  • Business Resilience and Crisis Management
    Response planning in the event of a serious incident that could disrupt your organisation. Advising clients with Emergency Preparedness to enable them to react effectively, deal efficiently and continue to operate effectively, allowing both managers and employees to understand the actions to be taken in the event of a crisis or emergency.
  • Health and Safety Assessment
    Reviewing your workplace environment to assess potential risks and compliance, giving you confidence that your internal processes and provisions support a safe working environment.
  • ISO 27001 Consultation
    Expert consultation enabling your organisation to reach ISO 27001 accreditation. 

We are conscious that other service providers may charge for their attendance at a requested location, and then charge an additional hourly rate for report writing. This leaves you questioning the cost of the service.

We do not do this. The price agreed for the scope of work arranged is the price you pay. We do not apply hidden costs.

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Dynamic Risk Strategies Limited are assisting businesses manage their business continuity and emergency preparedness. 

April 20, 2020