Executive Protection

Today's Ultra High Net Worth individuals (UHNWs), VIPs, Royalty, Diplomats and Senior Executives face unprecedented risks ranging from political instability, kidnap through the lure of financial reward to street robbery and home invasion (burglary). Our Close Protection Operatives stay on top of these threats through constantly reviewing social and geopolitical situations in all corners of the globe and researching local crime statistics for your general area and locations of travel. Whilst the threat level against an individual can vary based on location and status, no-one is immune to risk. Dynamic Risk Strategies consultants do not take Executive Protection lightly, such is the severity of the consequences of the event. We take every step to minimise existing risks and mitigate future vulnerabilities through working closely with our clients. We can provide Executive Protection services that include Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed and DBS-checked Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards), as well as Residential Security Teams and Security Drivers. Our Executive Protection services are available on an ad-hoc basis, for short-term secondment, or long-term placement. Our security experts come from a variety of backgrounds - from law enforcement to military to special forces - and are able to step up to the most testing challenges, wherever they occur.

Executive Security Assessment and Vulnerability Review

No two client threat assessments are the same, so we must draw upon our deep knowledge to design a unique emergency planning procedure for each case. The assessment takes into account a range of risk-factors, including exposing the executive and his family to the public domain, pre-existing intelligence or incident reports.

Executive Protection Programmes

We will review physical, geographical and financial risks to ascertain the best risk management strategy for each client. We tailor our services to each project, adhering to daily routines so as not to disrupt their schedule. Our services can cover:
  • Executive Protection: Close-quarter protection and security guidance from licensed and experienced operatives.
  • Surveillance: We can provide surveillance teams, counter surveillance and surveillance detection to ensure your business or personal integrity.
  • Security Drivers: Qualified security drivers with additional escorts should the situation necessitate.
  • Residential Security: Increased security at home or business premises for up to 24-hours per day.
  • Travel security assessments: Comprehensive review of the risks associated with executive travel plans, both domestic and abroad.
Our specialists have worked with executives across the globe including the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Europe, Russia and the USA and are highly sensitised to perceived threats and local customs. They are able to minimize the risk in any environment, for any client.

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